Jaisalmer Full Day Sightseeing

jaisalmer sightseeing covering attractions such as golden fort, patwon ki haveli, sam sand dunes camel safari, and more by namaste holiday.

Preferred Arrival Timings: 08:00 AM

Preferred Departure Timings: After 06:30 PM

If your arrival is from Jodhpur then you need to opt for a 02Days/ 01Night plan as half of the day will be elapsed in traveling from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer

Sightseeing Starts

Arrive at the Jaisalmer airport/ railway-station, your assigned chauffeur will pick you up from there and then after greetings, we'll start the sightseeing of this beautiful Golden City.

Start off by Golden Fort- also known as "Sonar Qila", the prime attraction of Jaisalmer, unlike many other forts, it houses numerous havelis, shops, and homes/ ancient havelis where people still used to live. The whole fort (both inside and outside) is worth visiting in every bit like a group of 07 Jain Temples and Lakshminarayan and Surya Temples.

havelis in jaisalmer rajasthan like patwon ki haveli- a group of intricately designed sandstone mansions, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, tour by namaste holiday There are havelis inside the fort and outside the fort but when it comes to havelis of Jaisalmer, there are 03 major havelis which comes under the Jaisalmer's tourist attractions list. They are Patwon-Ki-Haveli, Nathmal-Ki-Haveli, and Salim-Singh-Ki-Haveli with each showcasing their unique works in terms of beautiful carvings, paintings, stoneworks, interiors, and exteriors. Some of them are multi-storey like five-storey.
Take a break and have lunch in the city, and after that resume the sightseeing.

gadisar lake- a picturesque man-made reservoir in jaisalmer, surrounded by ornate temples, ghats, and visitors enjoy boat ride there. namaste holiday Other tourist points to visit in the Jaisalmer city before going to Sam are Gadhisar Lake, Bada bagh, and Kuldhara Village.
Gadhisar Lake-A man-made water-resorviour, used to fulfil the water needs until late 90s, surrounded by temples/ ghtas, and you can also choose to do a boat ride. Visit the Royal Cenatophs- also known as "Bada Bagh", you'll find a series of cenatophs (Chattris) of royal family there.
Move ahead to visit the Kuldhara Village- explore this ancient, abondened village, having some references in the movies, and a lot of stories related to its existence.

Move towards the Sam Part of Jaisalmer whereafter arrival, you'll enjoy a camel ride on sam sand dunes and later then enjoy the setting sun view from the sand dunes.
As per your departure timings, your assigned chauffeur will drop you at the airport/ railway-station.

Sightseeing Ends
golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer,offering a mesmerizing desert landscape, and a nice camel/ jeep safari with sunset views. Rajasthan desert tour by Namaste Holiday
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  • FAQs

    The highlight of the Jaisalmer sightseeing tour is the Golden Fort, also known as "Sonar Qila." This iconic fort is a prime attraction, showcasing a unique blend of havelis, shops, and ancient homes within its walls.

    Jaisalmer is renowned for its beautifully crafted havelis that showcase exquisite Rajasthani architecture and artistry. Three major havelis worth visiting in Jaisalmer are Patwon-Ki-Haveli, Nathmal-Ki-Haveli, and Salim-Singh-Ki-Haveli. Each haveli exhibits exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful carvings, and distinct architectural features. These havelis were built by wealthy merchants and ministers during the 19th century and feature intricate carvings, stunning frescoes, and elaborate facades, reflecting the opulence of the bygone era.

    After arriving at Sam, you'll enjoy a delightful camel ride on the mesmerizing sand dunes. As the sun sets, you can witness a breathtaking view of the sun descending over the desert landscape.

    Yes, besides the mentioned attractions, Jaisalmer also offers other points of interest, such as Jain Temples within the Golden Fort, local markets for shopping, and cultural performances showcasing traditional folk music and dance.

    Yes, it is possible to cover the main attractions of Jaisalmer in one day. The itinerary includes prominent sites like the Golden Fort, havelis, Gadhisar Lake, Bada Bagh, Kuldhara Village, and the Sam Sand Dunes for a fulfilling experience.

    The best time to visit the Sam Sand Dunes is during the evening when you can witness the mesmerizing sunset view over the sand dunes, creating a captivating and unforgettable experience.

    Jaisalmer offers a variety of exciting desert activities that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the enchanting Thar Desert landscape. Some popular activities include:

    • Camel Safari: Embark on a traditional camel safari and traverse the sand dunes while enjoying the serene beauty of the desert. Camel safaris are available for both short rides and overnight camping experiences.
    • Sunset View: Witness the breathtaking sunset view from the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. As the sun dips below the horizon, the desert landscape transforms into a golden hue, creating a mesmerizing sight.
    • Jeep Safari: For a more thrilling experience, opt for a jeep safari and explore the rugged terrain of the Thar Desert. Jeep safaris allow you to cover larger distances and visit remote areas.
    • Cultural Performances: Enjoy enchanting cultural performances by local artists, showcasing traditional Rajasthani folk music and dance. These performances add a touch of vibrancy to the desert evenings.
    • Desert Camping: Experience the magic of sleeping under the stars by opting for a desert camping experience. Enjoy the tranquility of the desert night and wake up to a breathtaking sunrise.
    • Bonfire and Stargazing: Gather around a cozy bonfire during the chilly desert nights and indulge in stargazing. The clear desert skies offer a perfect opportunity to spot constellations and shooting stars.
    • Parasailing: Enjoy the windy sky with desert all around the surface with parasailing using a jeep.

    Yes, camel safaris are suitable for all age groups, including children and senior travelers. However, it is essential to consider individual comfort and physical capabilities, as riding a camel can be a bumpy experience. Two persons are allowed per camel.

    Yes, parasailing is available in Jaisalmer and offers a unique and thrilling experience for adventure enthusiasts. Unlike traditional parasailing, which involves being towed by a boat over water, parasailing in Jaisalmer is done using a jeep to provide an exhilarating experience of gliding through the air over the vast sand dunes of the Thar Desert.

    In Jaisalmer, parasailing is typically done in the desert region, particularly on the sand dunes. You'll be harnessed to an open parachute, and a specially designed jeep will tow you across the desert, allowing you to glide through the air. The feeling of weightlessness and the panoramic views of the desert landscape make it a memorable and exciting activity.

    Gadisar Lake is a picturesque man-made reservoir located in Jaisalmer. Built in the 14th century by Maharaja Gadsi Singh, it was once the primary water source for the city. Today, it is a serene and peaceful spot surrounded by beautiful temples and ghats. Visitors can enjoy boat rides on the lake and take in the scenic beauty of the surroundings, making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

    Kuldhara Village is an abandoned and haunted village located on the outskirts of Jaisalmer. The village has a captivating history associated with the Paliwal Brahmins who lived here centuries ago. According to legend, the village was abandoned overnight due to a curse, leaving behind a mysterious and eerie atmosphere. Visitors can explore the ruins and learn about the fascinating stories and folklore associated with this ancient village.